A range of innovative services to automate administrative procedures by removing the use of paper from the chain in order to save time and reduce

This is set of interconnected modules of paperless integred to a computer system and  operate independently.

This modules consist of :






What type of projects can benefit from the Zen suite ?

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    Module management electronic archiving of documents. Key objectives : The software keeps electronically and secure data on dedicated servers for a ...
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    Management module of electronic transactions. Key objectives : This software is able to record data from one form of payment to enable electronic ...
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    Management module of the E-signature. Key objectives : Mechanism to ensure integrity of an electronic document and to identify authors. Benefits : ...
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    Management module of ZEN Process Design. Key objectives : Is at the heart of the system and helps organise the exchange of data and documents within ...
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    Module for electronic connection. Key objectives : This module acts as a connector; it can electronically connect multiple computer systems. It ...
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Our Added value

Choosing ZEN suite as a basis for your administrative procedure offers an innovative solution for improving the quality of service offered to your customers. We offer 3 major reasons to choose the ZEN suite

All components of the suite are operational with our platforms in Senegal, with the following results :

• Effective removal of paper from the administrative chain

• Reduction in procedures time and cost ;

• Strengthening security of formalities ;

• Reduction of risk and fraud during exchange of documentation ;

• See valuable results within 6 months;

• Traceability of transactions and performance indicators management ;

Tailored support to guarantee the optimal functioning of the software package :

• Team of experts to analyse your situation and adapt ZEN suite to your needs;

• Flexible methodology for rapid implementation of software modules according to your deadlines;

• Integral transfer of skills to enable the rapid implementation of the software package installed;

• Support with upgrading of the regulatory framework.

Very reasonable implementation costs. “Value for your money”

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