“The customs suite covers all procedures that fully automate Customs Procedures from the pre-arrival process to the release procedures. It covers all processes both Maritime and airline operation while strengthening the security of transactions and protecting your revenue”

CUSTOMS suite responds to the constantly changing customs environment and to the need to develop innovative systems that cover the needs of customs operations while integrating demands for facilitation and speedy transactions.

The suite was developed by experts with many years of experience in customs operations and the modernisation of the customs sector.

The CUSTOMS Suite guarantees the security and acceleration of goods processing while combining the integration of all your key processes.



CUSTOMS Suite comprises the following main modules:






Why do you need Customs suite?

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    Management module stores warehouses and customs clearance areas. Key objectives : The application can track all movements of goods from the landing ...
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    Software for payment of customs duties and taxes assimilated. Key objectives : The application is an electronic payment solution called ...
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    Application to control the operations relating to the manifest. Key Objectives : This software covers all operations of the transmission of manifest ...
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    This is the heart of the customs computer system. Supported Software and processing of all customs declarations to ensure the effectiveness of ...
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    Platform to collect all information necessary to a customs declaration. Key objectives :   A solution to manage all steps of the customs ...
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Our Added value

Adopting CUSTOMS suite as the basis for a single window or an additional tool in a Single Window process is certainly very beneficial to the success of your project or the improvement of the performance of your Single Window. The major reasons to choose CUTSOMS SUITE are :

• 20 years of experience in CUSTOMS business

• Unique Single Window provider worldwide operating modules offered at sale

• Support from the implementation process to effective roll-out

• 80% reduction in procedures time with our experts and solutions

• See valuable results within 6 months

• Reasonable implementation costs based on the principle of “Value for Your Money”

• One product, one experience and one expertise for assistance

• ORBUS SUITE is adapted for all your needs in any business sector

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