Senegal: Second edition of ‘Digital Tuesdays’ forum opens in Dakar

The second edition of “Les Mardi du Numérique” or Digital Tuesdays kicked off Tuesday in Dakar, championed by GAINDE 2000 and its partners.

Held under the theme “the State, the main actor in digital transformation” the “Digital Tuesdays” conference cycle aims to serve as a platform for the identification of the various hindrances related to the building and the digital transformation.

“It is also an opportunity to formulate recommendations to the government, which is the key facilitator in the implementation of Senegal’s digital strategy,” El Hadji Ndiogou Diouf, Permanent Secretary of the Minister of Promotion of Investments explained. One of the main challenges of this meeting is to identify the responsibilities of the State. Hence the importance of the chosen of the theme.

The President of the African Performance Institute Association, Ibrahima Nour Eddine Diagne, also deputy general manager of GAINDE 2000, opined that in order for Senegal to be a performing country strong in terms of digital, it is crucial that the State involves the private sector in projects of national scope.

“We realize that in all the big economies of the world, the giants of the digital economy were born thanks to the support from the State,” he added

The “Digital Tuesday” meeting will take place at least once or twice a month, starting in May and will run until Tuesday, 5 December, 2017, with a total of ten conferences to be held. They will be organized in partnership with the African Performance Institute, an association created by Senegalese and foreign experts whose main purpose is to promote electronic business and the dematerialization in public service on the African continent.

They will be coupled with an exhibition to highlight each time the products “made in Senegal” and bring together the business community and the start-up world.