Senegal – Economy GAINDE 2000 launches new electronics platform

Senegal’s economic operator Gaindé 2000 on Tuesday launched a new electronics platform called ORBUS PAYMENT to contribute to the country’s e-commerce.

GAINDE 2000’s General Manager, Ibrahima Nour Eddine Diagne, who oversaw the launching, explained that the ORBUS PAYMENT aims to bring together all existing payment solutions in Senegal to facilitate stakeholders in the private sector, improve outcomes at the chain end and ease online commercial transactions.

This adds to all platforms already completed and operational, Diagne said.

The commissioning of the ORBUS PAYMENT will contribute to the development of electronic commerce, which provides the ideal platform to promote and market Senegalese products nationally and internationally.

“The role of this tool for the national economy will allow the facilitation of security of payment so that it is accessible across the country and abroad,” he added.

He also stressed that customers will also have the benefit of a single, secure interface to pay for their orders for products or services online.

GAINDE 2000 has set as its major challenge joining up all major trade operators to start with a critical mass.

As a powerhouse of dematerialization in Africa, GAINDE 2000 has until December to integrate all stakeholders.

The product of a successful public-private partnership, GAINDE 2000 was created in 2002 aligned with the Senegalese Customs in its modernization drive and to promote the facilitation of expertise in Africa and beyond.