ORBUS Logistics

Solution paperless logistics services.

Key objectives :

Interfaced to the clearance system, this platform provides, upstream and downstream, services for exchange and sharing of the manifest and the removal of goods. It integrates all actors involved in the management of cargo, ports and airports. Each category of actors has a module that integrates all the necessary features for smooth execution of operations and transactions with transparency and security.

The platform consists of a loading module and manifest data-sharing module :
Electronic management module for removal of goods.

Benefits :

  • Acceleration of the physical operations for removal of goods
  • Securing formalities
  • Reduce risk of fraud in documents exchanges
  • Reduce costs of formalities
  • Facilitate trade and economic relations between professional and public
  • Decongestion of container terminals
  • Early transmission of cargo manifest
  • Remove the manual capturing of cargo manifest;
  • Real-time availability manifest.
Gainde 2000

Gainde 2000