This is the heart of the customs computer system. Supported Software and processing of all customs declarations to ensure the effectiveness of customs operations.

Key objectives :

This software covers all the clearance procedures for the electronic transmission of manifest by the consignee to the transport of goods through warehouse management, reporting, transit, payment. The solution supports electronic trading integrated the treatment of EDIFACT and XML standards.

The software allows to :

  • Analyze Risks
  • Manage payments
  • Send SMS notifications screws, email
  • Follow recipes
  • Extract and analyze statistical data

Benefits :

  • Time savings for operators
  • Bottlenecking of customs offices
  • Facilitation of customs clearance procedures
  • Better traceability and transparency in the processing of declarations
  • Online tracking of the complete declaration process of submission to the abduction
  • Real-time monitoring of collected revenues.

Gainde 2000

Gainde 2000