Seize the opportunity of working at GAINDE 2000 on avant-garde areas...

To successfully take up its countless challenges, GAINDE 2000 builds on its main asset – the staff. The company invests a lot to integrate its resources, by giving them solid methodological bases to embark on complex trade facilitation businesses.

From the onset, GAINDE 2000 has been following by a continuous dynamic of improving the working conditions and environment for its employees. In a bid to step up the cohesion of its human resources and contribute to their personal development, the company does not skimp on the means, by organizing seminars, training sessions and recreational activities, and by establishing a workers’ association and a housing cooperative, etc.

Furthermore, many career opportunities are proposed: computer-related issues, transportation, logistics and support functions. In addition, GAINDE 2000 fosters the internal mobility of the staff with the view to enabling its workers to develop their skills, knowledge, and centers of interest towards following a rewarding career matching the challenges of the company

Gainde 2000